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Innovations and historical events that have marked
our history.

June 1st. Libson S. was born in Banfield, more specifically in Buenos Aires as a company of photochemical plates, quickly venturing into the field of advertising decals.

Machine: Leipzig SG
Model: Phoenix Presse
Year of manufacture:1922

Great Pride.
We developed the merchandising for the FIFA World Cup Argentina ’78.

Libson S.A. was in charge of producing the historical decal of Raul Alfonsín in the 1983 elections during the return to democracy.

We manufactured the first thermoforced exhibitors in the country.

We cross borders and sell our products
around the world.

We designed and elaborated the first floor standing displays  for L’oréal París (Brazil).

We incorporated the metalworking
area to our factory.

We acquired our factory
from La Tablada.

Gigaprint is born, our division of large
format digital printing.

Ecoplast borns and we
start producing ecological plastic sheets.

Croce borns Our full-service warehousing and logistics warehousing and logistics solutions.

Lisbon incorporates
Carpentry area.

We started the construction of Croce 1334,
in Banfield,Buenos Aires, starting Libson
Real State.

In Punta del Este, Uruguay,
Angelina Foresta

becomes a reality.

We built 242 eleodoro in Caballito,
Buenos Aires.

Britton Plaza San Martin.
An A+ building with unique characteristics in one of the best areas of Buenos Aires.

The division is born

Libson Group - Hitos 2017

We include the Master franchise.

Libson Group - Hermenegildo Zegna