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About us

Our company

We are a group of companies with Argentine DNA. Founded in 1969 by Enrique Libson, the firm went year after year, and underwent through different transformation processes that allowed it to expand and enter to other sectors of our country’s economy.

Today, with more than 50 years of experience in the industrial sector and more than 600 people working daily in it, we have become the most important company in Latin America.


Respect the essence of Libson and promote its values under the leadership premise of our founder.

Offer to the market noble products and services involving suitable materials and processes to insure the highest possible quality.

Employ honest and trained professionals to continue making human capital our most valuable resource.

Renew ourselves day to day to continue building that leading, young and vital company offering more opportunities under a project of labor sustainability.

Undertake to carry out our work from the respect and the protection of the environment, collaborating and focusing on the care of it and the health of all people.


Our beginnings date back to 1969, when Enrique Libson took his first steps in the industry with a small photochemical plate company venturing quickly into the printing of silk labels and advertising decals.


From since, this evolution have been constant.

Throughout these years, we invested, searched and elaborated tirelessly to develop new proposals.

Thanks to this, we made Libson become the most important merchandising company in Latin America, being chosen by the main mass consumption companies for the development of their brands.


Innovations and historical events of Libson Group.

Our factories:


Refrigerators and freezers NEBA.


Electric ovens, heaters and point of sale material.


Refrigeration and plastic films.