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A sustainable look from our business.

As a consequence of the commitment with the environment of Lisbon Group, Ecoplast is born.

Ecoplast recycle the 95% of group’s companies plastic surplus and transforms it into excellent quality sheeps.

The result is a sustainable, faster en economical production of plastic sheets for refrigeration, auto parts, construction, digital printing and other applications of high technical complexity.
We process PSAI, PET, PE, PC and other thermoplastics.

The ecological plastic plates are manufactured through a process of classifying, separating, and shredding scrap material. The production process has no environmental impact, and 100% of the scrap is optimized for recycling.

The environmental impact is null, in its production process. Optimization of 100% recycled scrap.

Our plant

With an area of 4,000 m2, our industrial plant is located in the General Rodríguez Industrial Pole, Province of Buenos Aires.

It has two extrusion lines where sheets and coils of different polymers, thicknesses and finishes are produced for the most diverse activities.

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